The Growseed Companion App

Everything you need to learn how to sow, grow and harvest your seeds purchased from Growseed.
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The Growseed App

The Growseed App

How to Sow. Grow. Harvest & Enjoy all in one app. No need to be conencted to the internet, no fee, simple clear and easy to understand information.

Use Off-line

No signal? No problem! Download and sync the app once and you can find all the information you need right on your phone. No need to be connected to the internet. Perfect for remote allotment sites with limited coverage!

No Ads. No Tracking

No ads. No tracking. We won’t push any paid adverts, no annoying pop ups, no registration and no tracking! 100% safe and secure.

Secure Data

As we don’t require any information from you, your privacy and data is safe. Everything is downloaded once to your phone and that’s it. Check for updates in your own time. No risk of data sharing or data mining!

Smart Search

Easily find what you’re looking for by entering the fruit or vegetable name, the type of vegetable or even by the Growseed batch number. No need to type in Long Red Marconi when VM55 is all you need!

Detailed Information

Our growing information is regally checked and updated. All products contain basic plant information, how and when to sow, how to grow the plant, when to harvest and what you can/can’t plant it next to.

Free Updates

Free to use. Free to download. Free information. No fees ever! If you like what we have you can purchase our seeds but that’s totally down to you and we don’t mind! Either way the App is FREE :)

Download & install

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Growseed Mobile App Preview